The 8 Best Pajamas For Women, Tested And Rated By Our Editor (2024)

When it comes to sleep, comfort is key. The best pajamas for women are soft, breathable, warm but not too warm, stylish and well fitting. I tested many pairs—analyzing everything from fabric weight to pocket placement to post-wash shrinkage—to find the ones that scored the highest. My top pick is Cozy Earth’s Bamboo Jogger Pant and Pullover Crew, a uniquely soft-yet-stretchy set with a brushed texture, and Tommy John’s Downtime Jogger and Henley came in a very close second and offered excellent breathability if you run hot.

At Forbes Vetted, we go in-depth with our product testing to determine our top selections, which are rated according to specific criteria—in this case, fabric quality, fit, value for the price and comfort since “it’s an essential component of getting a good night’s sleep,” says Dr. Shelby Harris, a clinical associate professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine who specializes in sleep behavior. Our fashion team is also experts in sleepwear, having tested robes, slippers, leggings and more items. Here you’ll find all my recommendations for the best pajamas for women, as well as individual reviews on each pair and additional pointers from experts at the end.

Best Pajamas For Women Overall

Next-Level Comfort, Moisture-Wicking Bamboo


Cozy Earth Bamboo Jogger Pant

My comfort rating (0 to 5): 4.8 | Sizes: XS to XXXL | Colors: 5 total | Materials: 62% Viscose bamboo, 28% acrylic, 10% spandex | Pockets: 2 pants pockets

Why I tested this pair: Cozy Earth is a reader favorite and won as the best cooling pajamas in a previous version of this story. I wanted to test their joggers and pullover crew for a slightly warmer option.

What I loved: First, the joggers and top are supremely soft—they’re made from viscose, a derivative of bamboo with a luxurious feel—and have temperature-regulating qualities so while the weight was heavier (which I enjoy in colder weather) I never felt too hot. The fabric doesn’t pill or wrinkle either, and has stretch for comfort. This set was stylish enough to wear out with sneakers, as an added bonus.

Not ideal but not dealbreakers: It’s an expensive set but truly nothing else I tested topped the quality of this pair.

Best Softest Pajamas For Women

Silky Smooth Separates You Can Live In All Day

Tommy John Downtime Jogger

My comfort rating (0 to 5): 5 | Sizes:XS to XXL |Colors:7 total |Materials:66% Acrylic, 29% Modal, 5% spandex | Pockets: 2 side pockets

Why I tested this pair: Tommy John kept popping up in my social feeds and the pajamas get such high ratings that I had to see what all the hype was about.

What I loved: Hype deserved. The pajama pants and matching henley top quickly became one of my favorite pairs—it has a second-skin feel thanks to the modal stretch fabric, which is naturally breathable with a silky texture. To up the comfort factor, the brand does away with scratchy tags on their pajamas and the fabric doesn’t pile or lose its shape even after multiple washings.

Not ideal but not dealbreakers: It’s truly hard to find anything I didn’t love about this set; a small complaint would be that I wish the price were slightly lower (the pants and top add up to $146 togther) but the quality is outstanding here.

Best Cooling Pajamas For Women

Lightweight, Breathable And Stylish Pair

Eberjey Gisele Long PJ Set

My comfort rating (0 to 5): 3.5 | Sizes: XS to XL | Colors: 7 | Materials: 95% Tencel modal, 5% spandex | Pockets: 1 shirt pocket, none in pants

Why I tested this pair: Eberjey’s bestselling pajamas were the previous winner in this story, so I wanted to see how they compared to newer contenders.

What I loved: This pajama set still stands out for its lightweight and breathable design—it’s made from Eberjey’s temperature-regulating Modal with a touch of spandex—and feels buttery smooth against the skin. The silhouette is also stylish, with a wide-leg and flowy drape, and this pair didn’t lose its shape, get wrinkly or fade after washing.

Not ideal but not dealbreakers: The neckline on this top is cut lower than I like but that adds to the cooling factor and some might find it an attractive design aspect.

Most Comfortable Pajamas For Women

Organic, Ultra-Soft Cotton With A T-Shirt Feel

Boll & Branch Soft Knit Long Sleeve & Pants Pajama Set

My comfort rating (0 to 5):4| Sizes:XS to XXL |Colors:3 |Materials:100% organic cotton |Pockets:1 shirt pocket, 2 pants pockets

Why I tested this pair: Boll & Branch is known for their soft luxury sheets, so I was curious if the pajamas—cut from a similarly cloud-like cotton—would be as cozy against the skin.

What I loved: The fabric has the perfect weight for sleeping and kept me at the right temperature all night (not too hot, not too cold). Its made from long-staple cotton, and you can really feel the quality with your hands. The fit is true to size, and didn’t feel too baggy or snug. The pearlescent buttons added a luxury touch and the rounded collar kept me cozy.

Not ideal but not dealbreakers: The Mist color is a bit more grey-beige than depicted online and although it says the fabric is pre-shrunk, I found it came out a tiny bit smaller after washing and putting in the dryer.

Best Silk Pajamas For Women

Well Priced, 100% Washable Silk

Quince 100% Washable Silk Pajama Pants

My comfort rating (0 to 5): 3 | Sizes:XS to XL |Colors:7 total |Materials:100% mulberry silk | Pockets: Two pants pockets

Why I tested this pair: Most silk pajamas cost a pretty penny. Quince has impressed me numerous times for their high-quality designs at affordable prices.

What I loved: Quince’s flowy pants and matching long-sleeve pajama top are sumptuously comfortable, made from sustainably made washable Mulberry silk. The texture is more like velvet than silk in my opinion and has a naturally cooling sensation. The pants are cut with high side slits for ventilation as is the top and the fabric held up beautifully in the wash.

Not ideal but not dealbreakers: The pajamas don’t have quite the same slippery feel as other types of silk and the silhouette of the pants is a bit boxy.

Best Cotton Pajamas For Women

Highest Quality Cotton That's Buttery Soft

Lake Pajamas Pima Pima Bundle

My comfort rating (0 to 5): 4 | Sizes: XXS to XXL | Colors: 2 total | Materials: 100% Pima cotton | Pockets: None

Why I tested this pair: Lake Pajamas consistently receive high marks for the quality of their Peruvian Pima cotton, which the brand refers to as the “cashmere of cotton.”

What I loved: This Pima bundle—which includes long pajamas pants, a short-sleeve top and shorts—is both cozy and cooling, making it a versatile, year-round option for most sleepers. The crew neck and high-waisted pant are smooth and silky—just note that cotton shrinks a bit in length but Lake offers a Tall size option.

Not ideal but not dealbreakers: The only drawback is that the pants and shorts don’t have pockets.

Best Flannel Pajamas For Women

Coziness For Cold Sleepers

L.L. Bean Flannel Pajamas

My comfort rating (0 to 5): 3.8 | Sizes: XS to XL (Regular, Petite, Plus, Tall) | Colors: 9 total | Materials: Cotton flannel | Pockets: 1 shirt pocket, 2 pants pockets

Why I tested this pair: Freeport, Maine-based, family-owned L.L. Bean has been creating quality sleepwear for decades. This cozy set is a bestseller.

What I loved: I wore this pair for years and years—until the flannel wore away on the knees, not from poor construction but simply from constant use. L.L.Bean’s flannel is brushed for softness and insulates by trapping warm air in the fluffy fibers, making this set ideal for chilly winter nights. Plus, it comes in all sorts of iconic plaids and is very reasonably priced.

Not ideal but not dealbreakers: These tend to run on the roomier side, so you may want to size down depending on your fit preference.

Best High-End Pajamas For Women

Chic Prints, Lightweight Cotton

Desmond & Dempsey Long Pyjama Set

My comfort rating (0 to 5):3| Sizes:XS to XXL |Colors:5 prints |Materials:100% cotton |Pockets:1 shirt pocket, none in pants

Why I tested this pair: Desmond & Dempsey is the go-to pajama brand for feminine styles made from luxurious, high-quality fabrics finished with hand-painted prints. I wanted to test this out as a gifting option.

What I loved: This set makes a statement with leopards, palm leaves and tropical hibiscus blooms pattern on the long-sleeve top and shorts, which are beautiful enough to wear separately—I would throw on the top with jeans and the shorts with a long cardigan. Plus, the pajamas arrived in a beautiful printed box that definitely makes opening the pajamas feel special.

Not ideal but not dealbreakers: The cotton is not as soft to the touch as some of the Modal blends I tested, but it’s very light, which is great if you’re a hot sleeper.


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Why Trust Forbes Vetted

At Forbes Vetted, we are experts at product recommendations and we focus on first-person testing to determine our selections. Forbes Vetted contributor Molly Calhoun spoke to a variety of experts for a previous version of this story; this advice is still included in this latest guide (see “How To Pick The Best Women’s Pajamas” below), which was last updated in November 2023. Calhoun spoke to Dr. Shelby Harris, who is board certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine (BSM) by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and treats a wide variety of sleep disorders; Preeti Gopinath, Director of MFA Textiles and Associate Professor at Parsons School of Fashion; and New York-based luxury personal shopper Joan Kaufman. They dissected everything from what is trending to how pajamas can help you sleep better to the nuanced benefits of certain fabrics.

How I Chose The Best Pajamas For Women

To determine the best pajamas for women, I first relied on first-hand testing and researched the women’s pajama market to find the best options available right now, considering a variety of styles, fabrics, price points and sizes. I ultimately chose pairs that scored highest for fabric softness, warmth, cooling potential and breathability; I then evaluated if those pajamas had wide size availability and would fit a variety of body types; and finally, I assessed if the pairs washed well and held up over time.

How to Pick The Best Women’s Pajamas


Prioritize how the pajamas feel when you put them on, most importantly. According to Dr. Harris, “Everything from your mattress to the pajamas you wear can have an impact on your physical health and sleep quality.” When you’re comfortable in bed, she says, you’ll ultimately be able to fall asleep more easily and be less likely to wake up frequently throughout the night.


Along with investing in a good night’s sleep, you can also elevate your bedtime ritual and relaxation. “The current trend in pajamas is nightwear that’s both stylish and comfortable—meaning, women are buying sleepwear that’s flattering and feels good to the touch,” says Kaufman. “In recent years, pajama options have increased exponentially. Current popular styles include classic and tailored pajamas and nightgowns, chemise gowns with matching robes, sexy negligees, and cute camisole tops and matching shorts.” In the end, though, the pajama style you choose is all about personal preference. Menswear-inspired pajamas tend to be popular as they’re roomy, somewhat structured, and often come in a variety of prints and fabrics—from classic cotton to silk to bamboo. If you like extra airiness, you may opt for a set with shorts, or a nightgown or sleep shirt.


Fabric choice is key, and you should consider factors such as softness, stretch, breathability, warmth, ease of care, and how fabrics wear over time. Pajamas come in a wide variety of fabrics, including cotton, bamboo, flannel, silk, linen, wool, fleece, or potentially even some sort of sleep performance blend. Bamboo, linen and light cottons to be popular in warm climates, while warmer fabrics like silk, fleece, thicker brushed cotton flannels or cashmere are mainstays in cooler areas or where sleepers may prefer going to bed with a window cracked open in winter.

Preeti Gopinath, Director of MFA Textiles and Associate Professor at Parsons School of Fashion, broke down some typical pajama fabrics for us:

  • Cotton and Linen: “For summer, cotton and linen are typically the lightest and softest materials you can wear to sleep,” she says. “In the winter, you’ll likely see heavier variations, but with different characteristics. For example, flannel is usually made from cotton that’s brushed on the surface so it becomes napped and fluffy. That fabric treatment traps warm air and results in extra insulation.”
  • Silk: “Silk is a luxurious fabric that feels fantastic to touch, has luster, and gives one a sense of leading an elevated lifestyle when worn. It tends to keep you warmer than cotton especially in the winter, but it all depends on the density of the yarns and weave. In addition, silk has good drape, is durable and wicks away moisture from the skin.”
  • Bamboo, Beech And Eucalyptus Fabrics: “Bamboo comes from a fast-growing reed and has wonderful anti-microbial and absorbent properties. Bamboo fabrics are often made from regenerated bamboo fibers as a rayon. Modal—also sold under the trademark of Tencel—is from wood chips of beech trees made into a rayon. Tencel fabrics are biodegradable and their manufacturing processes take into consideration issues of sustainable raw materials sourcing and manufacturing. Lyocell is made specifically from wood chips (regenerated cellulosic fibers) of Eucalyptus trees and has excellent wicking properties that allow for a cooling effect. These fabrics feel luxurious, soft, silky and smooth to touch, have good moisture management and are breathable, drape beautifully, and are often softer than cotton. However, it’s not entirely natural and is referred to as a manufactured fiber.”


Some people are hot sleepers and prefer short pajamas or sleep shirts. Others are cold sleepers and opt for full-length pajamas in heavier fabrics. Cotton separates are a good option if you like to alternate pajama length depending on the season or temperature. If you’re tall, bear in mind that popular sleepwear fabrics, such as Pima cotton, will shrink after they’re washed so you may want to size up for length.

How Do I Choose The Right Pajamas?

Picking out the best pair of pajamas is a matter of personal preference, but there’s still some things to consider. Do you run hot or cold during sleep? How many hours do you spend in your pajamas? What’s your budget?

If you’re cold at night, long sleeves will keep you warm and cozy since your arms are sometimes exposed during sleep. Likewise, if you’re a hot sleeper, short sleeve or sleeveless styles will allow for more air flow, keeping you cool. Breathable fabrics like bamboo or tencel are popular choices that wick away moisture.

Also consider how long you wear your pajamas. Do you lounge for a few hours after waking up in morning or do you put on your comfy set early in the evening? If you’re spending many hours in your pajamas, you might want to invest in higher-quality fabrics with moisture-wicking properties and comfortable fits that allow for free movement.

How Do I Know My Pajama Size?

Most pajama brands have an online guide that can help determine your size for the most comfortable fit. It’s helpful to know your numerical size equivalent, inseam, waist and hip measurements. Pajama sizing is usually somewhat approximate since they’re not super fitted or tailored, so don’t overthink it. It’s also worth reading customer reviews; people typically comment on if the piece is true to size.

Should I Buy Pajamas A Size Bigger?

Pajamas are designed with a slightly roomier fit to allow for movement during sleep, so it’s usually not necessary to size up. However, if you prefer an oversized fit or are in between sizes, opt for the larger size.

Should Pajamas Be Tight Or Loose?

Pajamas should have a relaxed fit that’s not too tight, not too loose. Comfort is key. It’s ideal to be able to move freely and not feel restricted. If they’re too loose, the extra fabric could actually twist around your body as you move in your sleep and get in the way. Tight-fitting or too-small pajamas could make you sweat, irritate your skin or even impact your sleep quality. Aim for that “just right” pajama fit so you can move, feel comfortable and get a quality night’s sleep.

Other Top Picks To Consider

Sleepwear is a personal choice, and while there are many best pajamas for women, everyone has different needs. In addition to the picks we recommend above, we also rounded up other highly-rated pairs that might also be a good match for you.

Bestseller With Mesh Panels For Extra Ventilation

Honeylove BlissWear Top+Pant Bundle

Sizes:XS to 3X |Colors:3 total, including Midnight and Glacier |Materials:91% Tencel lyocell, 9% elastane; mesh: 88% nylon, 12% spandex

Honeylove is known for their well designed shapewear, and their sleepwear is equally comfortable and flattering. The Blisswear pajamas are made from Tencel, which is breathable, cooling and silky soft. Both the top and pants have mesh panels on the sides to increase ventilation and prevent night sweats.

What the reviews say: “The perfect loose fitting pj top with added air flow thanks to the mesh on the arms. I’ve been looking for something like this for years.” —Honeylove

Soft, Lightweight Sleep Set

Skims Soft Lounge Sleep Set

Sizes:XXS to 4S |Colors:6 total, including Onyx and Heather Grey|Materials:95% Viscose, 5% spandex

If you want a pair of pajamas that’s so comfortable you’ll never want to take them off, Skim’s Sleep Set is a good option: The draped shirt and drawstring pants are made from an extremely soft, high-quality, ribbed modal fabric with a cozy, lightweight feel. Like everything in the Skims line, this set comes in a size inclusive range, too.

What the reviews say: “At long last I have found the perfect pajamas. The weight is perfect, the ribbing is luxurious, they’re incredibly soft and have held up so well in the wash.” —Nordstrom

Best Pajama Pants For Women

Flowy Fit And Side Pockets

Lululemon Ribbed Softstreme Mid-Rise Pant

Sizes:0 to 14 |Colors:4 total, including Espresso and Black |Materials:68% recycled polyester,26% Lenzing modal,6% elastane

If you like to sleep in sweatpants and a t-shirt, Lululemon’s Softstreme pants have a loose, relaxed fit and buttery soft texture (they’re made from Lenzing modal fabric). The wide-leg design is stylish enough to wear during the day too, and comes with handy front pockets.

What the reviews say: “So soft, fits perfectly. Color is beautiful and the ribbed material is so nice.” —Lululemon

Comparison Guide: How To Pick Your Pajamas

Pajamas comes in all shapes, sizes and fabrics. While everyone has an opinion on the best pajamas for women, the choice really depends on your personal preferences, including material type, comfort features (such as temperature regulation or softness) and budget considerations. To help you narrow down the options, we compared the differences between the picks on our list.

The Cozy Earth Bamboo Jogger Pant and Pullover Crew stand out for their versatility and comfort. They’re made from a mid-weight blend of bamboo viscose, acrylic and spandex. The inside of the crew and joggers has a soft fleece-like feel while the outside is smoother and silkier. I loved this set for its breathability, temperature regulation and moisture-wicking properties, which makes the separates excellent for lounging, running errands and, of course, sleeping. However, this set is on the pricier side, at $295, but Cozy Earth frequently runs sales.

Other options on our list appeal to specific needs. The Tommy John Downtime Jogger and Henley is made from the softest, lightweight fabric I’ve tested yet, making these pajamas a good choice for airy, second-skin-like comfort. The Boll & Branch Soft Knit Long Sleeve & Pants Pajamas are similarly cozy with a slightly heavier weight to the fabric, making them most comfortable pajamas for women that I tested. If you prefer a top-quality cotton set, the Lake Pajamas Pima Bundle is a great Pima cotton option for those who like natural fibers or have sensitive skin. Just keep in mind, the Lake pajamas don’t have pockets in the pants or shorts, which means they lay flat against the skin but are less convenient for lounging, in my opinion.

If you run hot at night or live in a warm climate, the Eberjey Gisele Long PJ Set is your best bet for its cooling properties, since the fabric naturally helps regulate body temperature. By contrast, if you live in a cold area or get chilly at night, I’d go with L.L.Bean’s Flannel Pajamas, which are an extremely well-made classic that will last you years. (Everyone needs at least one pair of L.L.Bean’s pajamas in their life!).

If you want luxury without the luxury price tag, Quince 100% Washable Silk Pajama Pants and Long-Sleeve Top offer the posh feel of silk but are considerably less expensive than other options out there. Note that the fabric is not quite as elegantly sophisticated as the most expensive silk pajamas but it’s plenty comfortable and cooling. For pajamas that are beautiful enough to gift or wear out of the house, the Desmond & Dempsey Long Pyjama Set is my top choice for its unique and stylish prints. This set fits on the roomy side, though, so my advice is stick to your usual size or even go one size smaller.

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  7. Additional Recommendations: The article provides additional recommendations for women's pajamas, including options for hot sleepers, cold sleepers, and those looking for luxury or budget-friendly choices.


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The 8 Best Pajamas For Women, Tested And Rated By Our Editor (2024)


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