The 27 Best T-Shirts on the Planet (2024)

Advancements in undershirt technology have infused T-shirts with sweat-wicking and odor-blocking properties and Stretch Armstrong levels of elastane, but nothing quite compares to a plain ‘ol cotton T-shirt like the ones from Calvin Klein. They’re plain, simple, uncomplicated, and just classic. They're made with super soft 100% cotton and are cut long enough to tuck into your pants as a supporting role or stand on its own as the lead with a pair of blue jeans and boots.

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Tommy John

Second Skin Tank Undershirt

Tommy John's impossibly silky undershirts are made with micro modal and fit like a dream—you'd hardly even know you were wearing them.

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72-Hour Merino Tee

Despite what you've heard, merino wool actually makes a great material for undershirts thanks to its natural antimicrobial properties, sweat-wicking abilities, and breathable feel.

The Best Workout T-Shirts

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Reign Short Sleeve Workout Shirt

You could work out in a standard cotton tee and you'd be fine—soaking wet and really smelly, but fine. What we'd rather you do is get a proper workout shirt. They're not like regular T-shirts: they're cool T-shirts—literally. Workout shirts are built with fabrics that have cooling and moisture-wicking properties, allowing you to exercise more efficiently and effectively. Some workout shirts also come with anti-microbial properties, so even when you're sweating like a pig, you won't stink like rotten bacon.

Rhone's Reign shirt won our hearts as the best overall workout T-shirt. That's all thanks to the fabric which is chock full of features like UPF50+ sun protection, four-way stretch, and anti-odor gold-infused fibers (yes, really). They're outfitted with comfortable raglan sleeves that won't ride up when you're pumping iron.

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Satisfy Running

CloudMerino Long Sleeve Tee

Your new best running partner or new favorite grail? Trick question—it's both.

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Dri-FIT Legend T-shirt

Breathable, quick-drying, silky, and lightweight, this is screaming “just buy it”.

The Best Oversized T-shirts

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Relaxed Tee

Fashion's pendulum will always swing from tight-fitting Marlon Brando-type tees (promise that's the last time we mention Brando!), to more classic fits to certified Big T-shirts that billow and drape oh so elegantly in the wind or mid-kick flip. The pendulum has been in oversized tee territory for a minute now and if you're looking for a tee with some built-in airflow, here are a few of our faves.

While other oversized tees focus on the oversized look, they tend to also be too long. The result? A tee that wacked out proportions. Madewell's tee manages the delicate balance with ease. It's wide enough to qualify as slouchy, but cropped enough to steer clear of sloppy.

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Everlane premium-weight relaxed crew

With a bit more weight and a smoother fabric, Everlane's hefty tee is another great pick to add to your roster.

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Buck Mason

Canvas Costa 90s Boxy Tee

The Best Heavyweight T-Shirts

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Uniqlo U

Crewneck T-shirt

Who doesn't love the airy, cloud-like softness of a feathery-light T-shirt? We're certainly not ones to complain about the barely-there experience. But there's something to be said about a brolic tee that let's you know it's there. Where lightweight tees are a high thread count top sheet, heavyweight tees are more like weighted blankets. They offer a security and heft that just can't be matched. The best combine softness with heft and have a structured drape that pairs well with wide pants and minimalist aesthetics. But even if you're not here for the objectively good looks, beefy tees are great value propositions since they'll last longer than most regular tees in your drawer.

If you strolled into the GQ office and took a poll for everyone's favorite T-shirt, a significant portion of us would name Uniqlo U's as our go-to tee. The Christophe Lemaire-designed tee is undeniably heavy with a relaxed, but not-quite-boxy silhouette. Construction-wise, they're on par with some of the most expensive tees on the market but will only cost you a paltry twenty bucks. And if that doesn't do it for you, just know that Tyler, The Creator (a.k.a GQ's Most Stylish Man of the Year 2021) wears them.

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Pro Club

Heavyweight Long Sleeve Tee

Pro Club's under-the-radar status is certainly part of its charm, but the quality of its real-deal heavy cotton fabric can't be overstated.

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Buck Mason

Field-Spec Cotton Heavy Tee

Buck Mason's Field-Spec tees are fast becoming a favorite for menswear lovers thanks to the weighty feel, soft hand, and slightly cropped length.

The Tees GQ Staffers Swear By

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Lady White Co. lite jersey T-shirt

Were you to bop around the GQ office taking a survey of every staffer's T-shirt of choice, you'd get a long list of differing answers, not to mention an earful from a handful of overly passionate writers. Because we all have our own unique tastes and unique bodies, our go-to tees span the whole gamut, from the cheap and cheerful multi-pack options to esoteric and artisanal grails to underground and up-and-coming labels. They might not be certified best-sellers, but they're the tees you'll see us wearing most often.

Naming a single perfect T-shirt to represent the entire GQ staff would be silly. But prod enough of us and we'd say that Lady White Co. as a great option, especially if you appreciate the finer things in life. Each tee is crafted in an almost farm-to-table approach, using American cotton which is then cut, sewn, and knit in their Los Angeles factory with superior construction techniques you'd only find on the highest quality T-shirts. That said, the doctorate-level approach will cost you. So if you don't have the scratch to scoop up a Lady White tee, here are a couple we also rate.

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Bronson Mfg. Co.

9 oz. US Cotton tubular T-shirt

Based on vintage military T-shirts, this super beefy T-shirt features tubular knit construction and a substantial collar that fits close to the neck.

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Short Sleeve Pocket T-shirts (2-pack)

Classic neckline, substantial cotton jersey fabric, and a very solid price.

The 27 Best T-Shirts on the Planet (2024)


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